miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

A brunette on the couch

A blonde who falls in love

Trans for rent (Crossdressing, Feminization, First Time)

John’s got a secret: ever since his female roommate moved out and left a box 
of her stuff behind, John has gotten dressed up in her clothes every night. It started 
out as a simple curiosity, and quickly grew into an obsession. 
He loved the way he looked in her tiny skirts and her four-inch heels.

When John gets caught in drag by his landlord, he doesn’t expect him to actually 
think he’s a woman. And he certainly doesn’t expect him to be so infatuated. 
With rent due just a few weeks after John loses his job, John might be able 
to take advantage of his landlord’s little crush.

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The most beautiful in the world

Tall, slim and beautiful